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This is a tracker gizmo that uses vector information rather than image data to track points. This us useful for certain tracking jobs that are otherwise hard to accomplish. think of shots that constantly shift focus, or objects that deform.
This gizmo works with both classic nuke vectors or smartvector data.




This scripts imports AOV’s from separate EXR’s in separate folders into a group node. The main advantage of using this over a single merged EXR is you only load the AOV’s you need in Nuke’s memory. simply check the AOV’s you like to use. this Script also supports Cryptomatte passes.

This is mainly tested for Arnold renders from Maya, but should work for any rendered EXR’s that are stored in separate folders.





This script shuffles out any channel layers you want, and plusses them to each other. this is useful for EXR’s with multiple AOV’s, or renders imported with the ‘ImportSeparateAOVs’ script above.
the “Create Diffrence AOV” checkbox creates an expression node that subtracts any shuffled out channels from the beauty (RGB), effectively recreating any unshuffled or absent AOV’s.





This is a fairly simple tool to convert tracking data from Mocha AE to Nuke
Simply copy cornerpin data from Mocha AE to your clipboard, and run this script. A tracker node with the tracking data will be created in nuke.

Tested on windows only. I understand that After Effects formats clipboard data slightly diffrently on OSX, so this script might not fuction correctly.




This gizmo is an attempt to create a¬†tool like Adobe’s Morph Cut or Avid’s Fluid Morph for Nuke. it is definitely a workaround, but I have been able to use this on more than one occation.